Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!
Are You Owed Money From A Class-Action Lawsuit? Find Settlements & Rebates You May Be Eligible For!

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Types of Class Action Suits

What are some types/examples of class actions?


  • Environment- Home or business owners who were affected by an environmental disaster at the hands of a corporation and suffered damages can sue. For example, if a company pollutes the air or a body of water and the actions result in property deflation or health issues then the class can force the company to compensate and take actions to reduce environmental effects.
  • Product Defects- Consumers who either purchased the same faulty product or who were deceived by the same false advertisements and or manipulative business actions can file a suit as a class.
  • Employment- Employees who’ve been subjected to a similar pattern of discrimination relating to things such as religion, age, sex, etc by their corporation. It can also involve issues regarding compliance, wages, sexual harassment, discriminatory hiring, among many other matters that are illegal.
  • Finance- Issues concerning breaches of securities law that results in loss of investments or savings by senior executives are often handled through a class action.  The hope is to enact or change practices to protect the interest of future consumers and or investors.
  • Civil Rights- An effective way to combat systematic discrimination that violates our civil rights is through class action suits. Brown v. Board of Education, which outlawed school segregation, is an example of such a suit.
  • Dangerous Drugs- Examples would include patients prescribed defective or harmful medications, or even pharmaceutical devices, that caused dangerous side-effects that the manufacturer was aware of but neglected to mention.
Here Are Some Companies That Have Paid Out Millions Of Dollars in Claims:
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