If you signed up for Noom between May 12, 2016 and October 6, 2020,
you could get a payment from a class action Settlement.

A Settlement has been reached in a proposed class action against Noom, Inc. (“Noom”). The plaintiff allege that Noom’s autorenewal and cancellation practices violated both common law and consumer protection laws nationwide. Noom denies these allegations and any wrongdoing and maintains that its autorenewal and cancellation practices were at all times lawful.

The Settlement also requires Noom to make changes to its autorenewal and cancellation practices.


Nichols, et al. v. Noom, Inc., et al.

Who’s Eligible

You are included in the Settlement if you purchased an autorenewing Noom Healthy Weight Subscription through Noom’s website or mobile app between May 12, 2016 and October 6, 2020 while in the United States and did not receive a full refund of your subscription charges. 

Potential Award: Estimated to range from approximately $30.00 to $167.00. 

Settlement Pool: unavailable

Claim Form Deadlines: 

To submit a claim form: June 24, 2022
To exclude yourself and retain any rights to sue Noon: June 24, 2022
To object to the settlement with the court: June 24, 2022
To ask the cour for permission to speak aht the Final Hearing Approval: July 5, 2022

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